VIDEO: LIBERAL BLM Protestors Learn The Hard Way Not To Stand In Traffic

My parents taught me to look both ways before crossing the street. Look left, right, and left again. Even look while crossing. This was back in the day before people were texting and walking and before invalid white girls were protesting for Black Lives Matter.

There is something seriously wrong with a person’s mental capacity when they think it’s a good idea to step in the road and place themselves in front of a moving vehicle that easily weighs over 1,000 lbs and can easily crush them.

Even if you were hit by a Smart Car, you’d still be crushed.

It really boggles my brain when I see these hilarious videos of moronic people thinking they are stronger than moving metal and plastic. The only person strong enough to stop cars with a single hand is a crossing guard, which is a person and job that most people have a lot of respect for. Unlike the protesters, who no one likes, no one respects, and more importantly – no one listens to.

If you block traffic, then whatever cause you’re for, I am automatically against and I think you’re an idiot whose parents hated you, society hates you, and you probably hate yourself. If you had any respect for yourself, enjoyed your life, or had anything remotely better to do with your time, then you wouldn’t be laughed at as an older sedan rolls over your wittle snowflake legs.

I guess we didn’t learn after the last feel good video of protesters ran over?

And let me remind you, stupid protester under the car, that no safety pin is going to fix that boo boo. You might end up with some other pins, the kind that reattach your dumb legs to your dumb body that has a dumb head with a dumb brain. Did I make the point yet?


It’s OK to stand for a cause, but it’s going to be hard to stand when you’re getting ran over.

Now shut up and GTFO of the street!

Here’s the hilarious video of a Black Lives Matter protester being ran over. The girl on top of the car lucked out. And luckily for her, she looks mildly attractive, so she can still go out in the world and live a fun life. The dope under the tires has the sad look of an attention starved fem-nazi. Good luck to her. I don’t know if any jobs pay you to be a loser unless it’s one of those alleged George Soros protester jobs, but $15 an hour isn’t enough to get ran over for.

Also, why are these white girls at a BLM rally? They trying to hook up with some dudes?

Enjoy the video.

Reminds me of that one song by Ludacris...


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