2 Male Body Transgenders Destroy The Real Girls At State Track Meet

Here's what it looks like to have two guys beat all the real girls in a track meet. This is where people should draw the line with the transgender nonsense. No one cares what they dress up like in their spare time, but these two trannies just ruined the day for REAL GIRLS who practiced so hard to get to the state track meet. A male should not be on the female track team. The concept that they are "transgender" is bullshit. They are GUYS running against girls. Can't the girls have anything of their own? Look at the real girl's faces when they lose to the tranny boys! Do they look happy? No. They just lost to GUYS when they signed up for GIRLS track. Its unfair, it's disgusting, and it's bullshit. It needs to stop. Dress up anyway you wish, but keep the transgenders out of the wrong sex sports.

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