2 Migrants hitch ride IN car's roof box, end up 100 miles in wrong direction

July 29, 2020 / 1.4K views

Two guys who allegedly wanted to travel to Britain hitched a ride INSIDE someone's car roof box. You know, those boxes you fill with luggage when you either drive a car with a small trunk, have too many things, or your wife packed enough for the two of you to take several trips. Anyway, these hoodlums dumped the family belongings out and hopped in like they were luggage. Except, they ended up 100 miles in the other direction, in France.

When they got caught, they got out of the car and walked into the brush. Where exactly are they going now? Dunno!

The Sun reported:

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A police source said: “We always have migrants trying to head to Britain but in this case they were heading even further away.”

A police source said:''The British couple are from central England and had stopped for the night in Calais for the night after arriving on the Eurotunnel.

''The next morning they got up and started driving towards the Vendee for their holiday when after about 100 miles they heard noises and so they pulled over at a service station.

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''Police were called and a motorcycle unit arrived on scene and when they opened the box they found the two sixteen year old migrants - one from Guinea and one from Eritrea.

''The two migrants had seen the British registered BMW and assumed it was going back to Britain but instead it was heading away into France. The local prosecutor has been informed as the couple filed a complaint about their stolen belongings.

Source: thesun

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