ABC reported on foreign deals in June 2019; Joe Biden avoided questions about Hunter

October 31, 2020 / 1.1K views

A video dating back to June 20, 2019 dives into the scandals revolving around Joe and Hunter Biden, alleged foreign deals, and all sorts of things that would now be considered controversial because Joe Biden is now the top Democratic candidate and about to be in the upcoming election in a few days.

ABC News also posted an article on June 20, 2019, that reveals Joe Biden had once declined to answer some questions related to these incidents and alleged scandals.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden declined to answer questions on the campaign trail this week about his son's overseas business dealings in countries where the then-vice president was conducting diplomatic work, an issue his political opponents have already begun to wield against him as he wades into the 2020 presidential campaign.

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More than once, after his father engaged in diplomacy on behalf of the United States in foreign countries, Hunter Biden conducted business in the same country. At two separate campaign stops on Monday, Biden avoided questions about his son while his staff blocked reporters from approaching the candidate.

Why would Joe Biden sidestep the questions about Hunter Biden and whatever he was doing overseas with or without business? If you're running for president, the people will eventually figure most things out on their own, things leak, and people simply eventually find out. It makes more sense to be transparent and put a story to rest, but here we are months later still talking about Joe and Hunter Biden and the possible business deals that went on. So many of us want questions answered, and we would probably stop talking about this once we got the answers.

Biden's campaign did provide ABC News with a statement saying the former vice president has always adhered to "well-established executive branch ethics standards," adding that if Biden wins the White House he will issue an executive order to "address conflicts of interest of any kind."

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"This process will be set out in detail in the executive order," the statement reads, "that President Biden would issue on his first day in office."

And if Joe Biden loses, the people don't ever get their answer? Why would Joe Biden have to win the White House for him to address conflicts? Why not address conflicts NOW and get it over with so it's no longer a distraction or issue? You know, if he nipped this in the bud last year, would anyone be talking about it now?

The ethics pledge follows renewed questions about a pair of overseas business opportunities involving Hunter Biden – one in Ukraine, another in China – that already have begun to generate political attacks from Joe Biden's conservative critics. Ethics experts interviewed by ABC News said these are legitimate questions about possible past and future conflicts of interest.

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If Joe Biden got his son Hunter a job, I don't blame him. That's what dads do, even if their son ends up with an alleged substance problem and a pregnant dancer. What many of us have a problem with is Hunter Biden being paid $50k-$83k per month - I'm not sure the number anymore. That's a big deal because we have no clue what Hunter was doing or if he was actually qualified, other than being Joe's son. That's more than a teacher at starting salary makes in an entire school year in most districts. It's just really weird how Joe Biden didn't want to talk about all of that and it makes a lot of people wonder why.

Source: abcnews

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