Acting DHS Sec says they're going out to 'proactively arrest individuals'

July 22, 2020 / 426 views

I'm not sure if the DHS acting secretary knows what he said, but he said they are going out to "proactively" arrest people. Does he know that's sort of a Minority Report way of doing things? You know, getting them locked up before they commit the crime?

Perhaps Wolf used the wrong words here. After that comment, he spoke of holding people accountable for their own actions, such as committing a crime by attacking a federal building.

That would be called actively arresting people after they've broken the law, not proactively arresting people who haven't committed the crime yet - if they were going to at all.

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Sending federal agents to protest hot spots is fine and arresting people who've broken the law is fine, but Wolf may want to check his wording so he doesn't get blasted on social media again over a verbal typo.

Now if we look on the almighty Wikipedia, who clearly is always right about everything (sarcasm), it describes "proactive policing" as the following:

"For police officers, a strong sense of mastery is particularly vital in relation to proactive law enforcement. Proactive enforcement is usually defined as the predisposition of a police officer to be actively involved in preventing and investigating crime."

Now that says they would prevent or investigate a crime - not proactively arrest someone.

I just don't want to be walking by a protest and have someone jab a baton where the sun doesn't shine and I was just on the way to buy some coffee. Ya feel me?

Not that I would be anywhere near a protest zone to begin with, but ya never know who's new in town and makes a wrong turn and ends up in a giant mess.

But anyway, that's why "Minority Report" was trending tonight.

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