Adam Schiff Slams Trump supporters, proving Donald still lives in his head rent free

June 3, 2021 / 1.1K views

Democrat Adam Schiff says "Half of the Republican voters out there think that [Donald Trump] is still the president or still should be, that Biden lost the election. That such a significant percentage of our population could be so deceived by him is alarming."

So basically, we have what appears to be an absolute BONEHEAD Democrat Adam Schiff slamming Republicans and Trump supporters for not liking President Joe Biden.

Schiff says that half of the Republicans out there think Joe Biden won the election illegitimately and that Trump should still be president. Sure, Adam, that's called having an opinion and not liking the current administration in the White House, who so far have proved they are not capable of doing the job. Obviously Trump STILL lives in Adam Schiff's head rent free.

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