Amazing encounter with baby bobcats!

April 8, 2020 / 100 views

WOW, another great wildlife encounter on our very remote Southern Illinois farm (we are farther south than parts of Kentucky). This time it was a family of Bobcats and I got and up close and personal view of two of the kittens. They were out in the middle of our gravel road/pad right next to our Pole barn when I pulled up in my truck. I thought it was very unusual that they were out in the open without the mother nearby. The ran up to me several times. I heard what I believe was the mother in the weeds making a deep groaning sound. This could have been a warning sound or a distress sound if she was somehow injured. Watch as this awesome and a little tense encounter unfolds as I finally get a look at an adult Bobcat, although I can't say for sure if it was the mother or the Male. Please share this video if you've enjoyed it to help get our channel out there. Like and subscribe to follow all of our country living adventures as well as all of our land management and habitat improvement projects, tractor and excavator projects, food plots, watering holes, duck ponds and much more. Thank you! Kapper Outdoors, living the dream, One acre at a time.

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