Amazon driver arrested for delivering brutal attack to 67-year-old woman on her doorstep

June 6, 2021 / 2.3K views

An Amazon driver was arrested for delivering more than just a package to a 67-year-old woman on her doorstep. Seems like some words were exchanged and the driver decided to assault the woman as a result and it was caught on video.

Maureen Kelly of KRON4 wrote that this video "shows an Amazon Driver giving a 67 year old Castro Valley woman a beat down after words were exchanged. 21 year old woman arrested by Alco Sherrif…who says suspect claims self defense."

Where in the video is the self defense? Just wait until the judge sees this one! Gonna have a tough time proving self defense when you're throwing the first punches.... or the ONLY punches.

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Source: twitter

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