American College shooting, at least 5 injured in Monterrey

Five people injured in a school shooting at Northeastern American College in Monterrey, northern Mexico. Shooter is 12-15, victims are around same age. Teacher was shot and she is 24-27. There are numerous conflicting reports about the ages of the people involved. Shooter shot himself. It looks like he runs out of ammo, reloads, people run out, then one person almost seems to be friends with him. Shooter appears to shoot himself in the head, but that's when he has to reload and finally he shoots himself in the mouth. It's reported that the school used to check student bags for contraband and weapons, but parents complained and now look what happened. Why wouldn't you want your kids in a safe school where weapons are confiscated at the door? Or, simply not brought? What's in your kids book-bag that YOU don't want someone to see? It is Mexico, so it could be anything...

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