Analyst predicts Joe Biden's future, says his campaign is 'cooked'

January 1, 2020 / 1.3K views

Analyst Ron Meyer dives into Joe Biden's campaign and chances to be president. He makes a bold prediction and says there are several factors that all equate to bad news for the former vice president. One of the biggest problems is the people who support Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. If one of them drop out, their supporters will probably not switch to supporting Biden, but rather the other. For example, if Bernie Sanders drops out, his supporters will likely support Elizabeth Warren, and vice versa.

Fox News stated in their article:

"If you look at Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, they’re right behind him in most of these states or beating him in [Iowa and New Hampshire]. So when you add up the two socialist candidates versus the one moderate candidate, they overtake him," Meyer said.

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"And so as these delegates amass, you’re going to see basically the left wing of the party is going to have more delegates at the end of the day. So when Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren drops out, those delegates will consolidate behind one candidate that’s not Joe Biden, and that spells trouble for him.

"I think he's cooked," he concluded.

Biden has a lot of other things working against him too. He sometimes doesn't know where he is. He does strange things and gets way too close to people. Biden called a boy "honey" two times on a previous campaign event and that made people cringe too.

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