Anti-Trump CNN guest: it's 'terrifying' that 'reasonable people' disagree with impeachment

This CNN guest on 'Reliable Source's suggests that it's terrifying for reasonable people to disagree with the impeachment of Donald Trump. She's a columnist for the New Yorker who wrote the following, which might help show her potential bias against the president.

We use the word “corruption” to describe abuses of power, especially those motivated by profit. We also use the word “corruption” to describe something that is transformed, corroded beyond recognition. When the word “corruption” is used by an evidently corrupt politician—such as our self-dealing, profit-seeking, mendacious President—to describe something that other people do, the word “corruption” itself becomes corrupted. But it is not only language that can be changed and turned into the opposite of what it originally means. The same can be done with foreign policy, and with government itself. This is the essence of the story that the impeachment inquiry is telling.