Antifa punches police officer square in the face, then gets mobbed by cops

April 21, 2021 / 6.5K views

Tensions are boiling despite the guilty verdict for Chauvin.

Some of the Antifa folks are getting into a clash with police officers in Portland. At least one Starbucks had the windows smashed.

But this video takes things to a whole 'nother level when an Antifa person punches a cop square in the face. The puncher then gets mobbed by police officers who likely arrested the attacker.

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Is this how people celebrate a guilty verdict? Thought we would have more peace. What's going on in Portland and why does that city appear to be getting so bad?

The Oregonian wrote: "An officer and protester engage in a heated confrontation. Another officer arrives on a bicycle, pushing another nearby protester. That protester then punched the first officer, and police piled on the person who threw the punch in flurry of physical confrontation."

Source: twitter

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