AOC and Ilhan Omar refuse to condemn Antifa violence, laugh as they drive away

A video journalist named Keean Bexte confronts AOC and Ilhan Omar, asks them if they feel responsible for the Antifa Firebomber. Asks if they'll suggest that Americans and Antifa stop being violent. AOC and Ilhan Omar refuse to answer and Omar is seen grinning ear to ear in the backseat of their gas guzzler.

Keean wrote, "After repeatedly asking @Ilhan and @AOC if they would condemn the Antifa firebomber, and if they felt partly responsible, the two got into their SUV and Omar (likely thinking she was off camera) burst into ear to ear laughter. Was there ever a doubt Omar hated America?"

Omar is probably the worst person in Congress. Follow Keean on Twitter

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