AOC goes after Republicans, claims undocumented people pay billions in taxes

April 3, 2020 / 2.2K views

Democratic Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez goes on record to slam the Republicans while claiming that undocumented people pay billions in taxes each year. She also calls out corporations who pay less than that, but does not mention the amount of donations those companies make, which typically offsets the taxes they will pay.

As quoted, "Yes, undocumented people pay taxes. Undocumented people pay billions of dollars in taxes every year. We send our kids to public school on the taxes that undocumented people pay." She also said, "undocumented people pay more money in taxes than Amazon or Facebook, or anything combined. So yes, I believe that if you pay into this system, you should benefit from this system."

She continues to call the CARES ACT cruel because it does not count undocumented immigrants who don't have a social security number, which appears to be required for getting a relief check.

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It's unclear what the statistics are on how much undocumented immigrants contribute in taxes.

The Democrat socialist is constantly criticized for her views on big businesses paying less in taxes. However, she also consistently refuses to say just how much those same companies make in donations.

For example, Facebook and Amazon have both been known to donate millions to various projects and ways to help the community. Ocasio-Cortez casually leaves that information out when she slams them about taxes.

Many corporations make large donations to offset their taxes, putting their money back into the community instead of sending it to the feds.

It's one thing to slam a company for being shady on taxes, but it's irresponsible for her to criticize companies who donate millions back to the consumer.

Source: twitter

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