AOC suggests poverty line be $38,000

Ocasio-Cortez makes a half decent point about poverty lines, but it's mainly relevant if you live in a huge expensive city like New York City or Philly. People making $38k as teachers or lawyers (what they start you at in Philly) who then pay $1k-1500 for rent, are left with $500-1k to cover bills like utilities, car, insurance, food, and maybe going out once in a while. $38k was my salary at one point and I got lucky for a while because I was able to pay $400 in rent to a family member who let me live in one section of their duplex, but I was check to check at that rate. Eventually my salary went up, but when it did, so did my rent after moving out so family member could rent their place for the going rate. They were doing me a favor for a year or so, but I can't mooch off them. My rent now is over $1500 for a 2 bedroom spot and that's about the going rate around here. 2 bedrooms because I have a child and wife and I split up. Our mortgage was $1500 and now I cover it on my own because we split up. AOC's point would make more sense if she didn't call it poverty. While I could get by on that salary if I needed to, because I was smart and I did it - but she should address high rent prices, which here is ridiculous. Another thing to address, which isn't even her job, is why do teachers her get a shitty $38k? Why are lawyers getting $38k? I get 'paying your dues' - but these are degreed jobs that provide value to the community, they should start at $50k and work their way up.

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