Barefoot Rashida Tlaib kicked out of Trump event, screaming 'You Guys Are Crazy'

July 22, 2019 / 3.9K views

I don't know why Rashida Tlaib has no shoes on. I don't know why she got kicked out of Trump's event. I don't know why she is screaming "you guys are crazy" when she's the one getting kicked out of an event, barefoot, and yelling at people. Rashida Tlaib was quiet for a while after her calls for impeachment, but it's good to see a reminded of how she is representing the Democrats the best way she knows how, by accomplishing nothing and acting immature. What happened to the Democratic Party? This video is from 2016 and it was from a campaign event Trump had. It's credit to Potato Tomato on Twitter.

Source: twitter

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