Behar says 51% oppose Trump impeachment, then told 'Democrat tactics are failing'

Donald Trump talked about the Democrats at a PA rally on the exact same day that Democrats introduced the two articles of impeachment. The hosts of The View talked about it. Joy Behar said that a recent Quinnipiac poll says 51% of voters polled don't want Trump impeached. Chris Christie explains that it's a political process, not a legal process, and that 'Democrat tactics are failing.' Joy Behar doesn't seem to get the concept that Christie is explaining.

They then bring up the hypocrisy of the impeachment that was one-sided during Clinton's impeachment and how he wasn't taken out of office either. He abused his power in the White House with an intern, but his Democratic Party didn't think it was something to worry about. Abby Huntsman also mentioned that Democrats kept talking about bribery, but no bribery was mentioned in the two articles of impeachment.

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