Ben Shapiro happy to see Trump impeached if there's evidence

Ben Shapiro from the Daily Wire talked with Bill Maher about Trump and the fake Russian scandal that Democrats created. Maher basically says Trump colluded with Russia. Shapiro says he was too much of a doofus to do it. Maher's audience seems to want Trump to be guilty of something, but so far it seems like Robert Mueller's report turned up empty. Shapiro said he was fine if Trump gets impeached IF there is evidence of a real crime. Shapiro knows what he's saying will get headlines. He also knows there's not going to be any evidence of collusion or some other crime turned up by Mueller's report. Don't hate on Shapiro - the guy was just getting some headlines. He knew what he said would turn some heads. Shapiro is also smart enough to know there's nothing in Mueller's report to worry about.

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