Bernie Sanders did NOT say Undocumented Immigrants are 'Entitled' to same Gov't Benefits as American Citizens

February 24, 2020 / 64.6K views

This video previously suggested that Bernie Sanders claimed illegal immigrants were entitled to the same government benefits as American citizens. This video and title was later revised to be more accurate.

After further research, the actual quote from Sanders says this, which is a a bit different than what some sources are saying. This is Bernie's full quote on the matter, as provided by Lead Stories:

Today, we've got 500,000 people sleeping out on the streets of America. Today, we have 18 million people paying 50 percent of their limited income for their housing. Today we have hundreds of bright young people who can not afford to get a higher education. Today, we have 45 million people playing a student debt that many of them cannot afford to pay. So what our campaign is about, and what our administration will about is rethinking America, understanding that all of our people -- and when I say all, I also mean the undocumented in this country -- that all of our people are entitled to basic human rights.


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For further clarity, the concept of basic human rights is much different than government benefits.

There is quite a difference, despite some of the programs being considered as those that would help provide basic human rights.

So in conclusion, anyone saying that Bernie Sanders wants all undocumented immigrants deserve the same government benefits, is technically incorrect.

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