Bernie Sanders goes on CNN, suggests Trump is 'unleashing international anarchy'

Bernie Sanders was on CNN talking with Anderson Cooper and suggested that Donald Trump is "unleashing international anarchy" after he "violated international law." Sanders also suggests that the Trump administration has no idea what they're doing. On the contrary, maybe they know exactly what they're doing.

Sanders was quoted on Anderson Cooper's show, when discussing Trump's big move, as saying:

No, I think it was an assassination. I think it was in violation of international law. This guy was -- was a bad-news guy, but he was a ranking official of the Iranian government. And you know what, once you get into violating international law in that sense, you can say there are a lot of bad people all over the world running governments.

Kim Jong-un in North Korea, not exactly a nice guy. Responsible for the death, perhaps, of hundreds of thousands of people in his own country. To name one of many, you know? The president of China now has put a million people, Muslims, into educational camps -- some would call them concentration camps.

But once you start this business of a major country saying, hey, we have the right to assassinate, then you're unleashing international anarchy. I think all...that Trump seems to be doing now is trying to break all kinds of international protocol, denying the foreign minister of Iran to speak before the United Nations, and really basically trying to lead us into another war, which I believe will be a disaster.

Sanders also made a strange Putin comparison while on CNN, something that was a bit normal for his usual ways of going off on tangents.

Sanders likes to inject his negative views on President Donald Trump. It makes perfect sense that he's on CNN talking poorly about Trump to another critical figure in Anderson Cooper.

Is there anything Trump can do that Bernie Sanders would approve of?

Even Adam Schiff has called Congressional hearings about this. So what can Trump ever do to make his Democrat and Independent foes happy?

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