Bernie Sanders says Trump impeachment gives Joe Biden an advantage over him

Bernie Sanders goes on the "CBS Evening News" with Norah O'Donnell and talks about the impeachment of Donald Trump and how it could be giving Joe Biden an advantage. The reason for this is because Sanders will be stuck at the impeachment event and unable to be out on the campaign trail. Technically, placing Sanders at a "disadvantage" for the next week or so, thus giving Joe Biden the "advantage."

Sanders also said it is “disappointing to me not to be in Iowa, talking to the people there" as he upholds his "Constitutional responsibility."

O'Donnell asked, "Do you think it places Biden at an advantage over you?"

Sanders said in response, "politically, in the last week or so of the campaign, yeah, I think it does. I mean, he and others, not just Biden, are able to go out, talk to people. And that’s really important."

So basically, Sanders would rather be on the campaign trail than sitting there wasting his time with the boring impeachment trial.

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