Biden acts like high school grads can't get a community college degree

May 3, 2021 / 389 views

President Joe Biden is literally pandering to his leftist crowd by acting like high school graduates can't get a community college degree.

Biden said, "Do we want to give the wealthiest people in America another tax cut or do you want to give every high school graduate the ability to earn a community college degree?"

Woah, woah, woah, slow down Joe. I can speak on both of these using a little bit of common sense.

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First of all, go ahead and tax big corporations their fair share - that's totally fine.

Second, the part where Joe Biden ties this into community college makes literally NO FREAKING SENSE at all.

Why? Because community college is dirt cheap. When it's not affordable, then students can get grants and loans. Did you know that the people who earn the least amount of money often get the most grants and loans for college? YEAH! DUH! That's why when people say "oh I can't afford to go to college" well then get a stinking loan or grants like everyone else! Then get a job and pay for it after. It's THAT simple!

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Why Joe Biden is tying in big corporation taxes with high school grads getting a two-year degree at a cheap college is beyond me.

Does Joe Biden even know what he's saying or did one of his liberal speech writers put this word salad together for him?

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