Biden: I've never said South Carolina was my Firewall; except we have the transcript and he certainly did

February 24, 2020 / 1.3K views

Looks like Joe Biden is starting to fade. He can't even remember what he says anymore. He was talking to CBS News' Margaret Brennan on 'Face the Nation' and he told her that he never said South Carolina was his 'firewall' - whatever the heck that means.

Oh, but guess what? He actually did say it!

Here is what Biden sad on Face the Nation, courtesy of Real Clear Politics:


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JOE BIDEN: What's happening is you have Steyer spending hundreds of millions, tens of thousands of dollars, millions of dollars, out campaigning there. And so I think a lot's happening in terms of the amount of money being spent by the billionaires to try to cut into the African-American vote. I think that has a lot to do with it.
MARGARET BRENNAN: South Carolina, though, is your firewall.
JOE BIDEN: You said it, my firewall.
JOE BIDEN: I've never said it--
MARGARET BRENNAN: The campaign has said it's your--
JOE BIDEN: It's not fi-- I said I'm going to do well there. And I'll do well there and I'll do well-beyond there as well.

Skip back a bit and now you can see what Biden said previously and take notice - the word FIREWALL is clearly in his vocabulary. Not bad for a guy who doesn't even know where he is half the time.

This is from 22 days ago, February 2, on NBC News:

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BIDEN: I think I'll do well in Nevada. And I think I have a real firewall in South Carolina. And then we go into the Super Tuesday states that have a significant number of minorities and African Americans," where "I think I'm gonna do fine. So I don't think that this is like it has been in the past, that if you haven't won the first two that you're done.

Hey Joe Biden, just drop out man. Go raise your illegitimate grand kid and get Hunter out of the dance clubs so he doesn't get anyone else pregnant.

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