Biden says George Floyd’s death had bigger impact than MLK’s assassination

May 18, 2021 / 1.2K views

In today's version of "you can't make this sh-t up" we have President Joe Biden suggesting that George Floyd's death had a bigger impact than the assassination of MLK.

Is it just me, or is Joe Biden literally off his rocker and pandering the most senseless nonsense of his career with that statement?

In one case we have a known crackhead criminal freaking out with the cops and a cop giving him a knee on the back/neck, leading to his death, and then getting convicted for it.

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In MLK's situation, we have someone who stood for civil rights, doing BIG THINGS to improve the lives of his followers and standing up to racial injustices. His assassination sparked a major historic event for all. Losing MLK was like losing a world leader. That's how much of a positive influence he was.

What did George Floyd do besides have a history of crime and drug use and spark riots? There's a major difference between George Floyd and MLK, let's just make that very clear for everyone.

Does Biden ever listen to anything he says afterwards? Because if he did, he'd know how ridiculous he sounds right about now.

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