Biden takes a knee in his hometown, very small crowd in attendance

July 10, 2020 / 2.2K views

Democrat candidate Joe Biden showed up in Scranton, PA, his hometown. There was a small crowd present and he went down on one knee. Madeleine Rivera posted on Twitter, "Biden made a stop at his old home in Scranton today. He was greeted by a crowd of supporters."

It just wasn't a very big crowd. That makes me speculate a few things. Did the residents know he was coming? If so, why aren't there more people there? For someone who was in the White House for eight years and is now running for president, there doesn't seem to be many people there as Biden takes a knee.

Also, did anyone ever think of this? Each time a Democrat takes a knee, they are mimicking the move that took George Floyd's life. Do they realize that it's the same physical move that took a life?

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Perhaps raising a fist in unity would be more ideal than taking a knee. The whole "take a knee" thing never really made much sense anyway.

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