Biden touts American Jobs Plan: The rest of the world is closing and closing in fast

March 31, 2021 / 773 views

President Joe Biden said "The rest of the world is closing and closing in fast. We can't allow this to continue. The American Jobs Plan is the biggest increase in our federal non-defense research and development spending on record."

The Hill reported:

President Biden on Wednesday made the case for his aggressive $2 trillion plan to modernize aging infrastructure and address climate change, saying it would boost America’s competitive edge on the world stage and create good-paying, middle-class jobs.


In a speech in Pittsburgh, Biden spoke with urgency about the need to pass his American Jobs Plan to overhaul a “distorted and unfair” economy and help the U.S. outcompete nations like China, framing the current moment as an opportunity to prove that democracies can deliver for their people. 

“We have to move now. Because I am convinced that if we act now, in 50 years people are going to look back and say, this was the moment that America won the future,” Biden said in an afternoon address at Carpenters Pittsburgh Training Center. 

I don't care what Joe Biden ever says as long as my taxes don't go up. Say whatever you want, Joe, just don't raise my taxes and I'll be OK until 2024.

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Source: thehill

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