Bikers Clash with BLM Protester, then take her sign and rip it up

July 7, 2020 / 1.1K views

A group of bikers were in a small town when they heard there would be a BLM protest. They wanted to make sure it didn't turn into riots. At some point in the day, a random protester walked towards all the bikers. It was a white teenage girl holding up a BLM sign.

One of the bikers got in her face. Another one of them ripped up her sign.

I don't think young white girls should be protesting for BLM because they are not even black and there's nothing smart they can really say at that age. And, again, she's not even black, so how can she really argue for something she can't ever understand or be part of?

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Second, I don't support big tough macho guys harassing a teenage girl because they don't like her sign.

If that was any of our daughters, we would be right up there with fists flying.

Actually, my kid wouldn't be protesting because I would've raised her right in the first place. Either way, everyone in this video looks ridiculous to me. Go home and do something more fun.

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