BLACK COP shoots BLACK MAN WITH GUN spark the Charlotte Riot


Keith Lamont Scott had a gun and did not listen to the police when he was given multiple warnings. When the cops tell you to do something, then DO IT. His sister spent about an hour recording things for Facebook and claimed he was reading a book, but she wouldn't know what happened because she was not there. Cops found a gun. Cops did not find a book. A BLACK COP shot Keith Lamont Scott and the LOSERS from Black Lives Matter are still protesting and rioting in the streets of Charlotte. I heard they broke into a Walmart. What does Walmart have to do with anything? I saw them destroy a cop car. What did that cop car do? Nothing. Black Lives Matter and all these protesting rioters are idiots. GROW UP and realize that when a man with a gun is shot by police, that it was for a reason. People should know by now to have their gun already on the floor when the cops arrive. Why the hell are people being THIS STUPID and not listening to police? And when a black cop shoots a black man, these losers still riot and cause chaos? You're all out of your mind and need to grow up. This is ridiculous. Also, Walmart shelves are always f*cked up anyway, so we really won't notice haha!