Black man harassed for carrying American flag through protest zone

June 17, 2020 / 2.7K views

SEATTLE -- A black man carrying an American flag through a protest zone is harassed by members of the protest. They're calling him some really bad names I don't want to type out because of the ad filters. So, you'll have to watch the video for yourself to hear it.

What happened to protesters being peaceful and welcoming to others?

What happened to tolerance?

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Here they are, white liberals harassing a black man because he has a flag.

Does that seem a bit odd to anyone? They yell some terrible things at the man as he walks through the crowd. This is supposed to be the peaceful protesters who started their own little neighborhood by taking over about six blocks of territory in Seattle. They've made it the no-cop zone and even planted a really bad farm. But instead of being welcoming to people who enter, they are being hostile to this one simply because he has a flag. It's very odd seeing the flag of our own country being so traumatic and triggering to some people.

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