BLM activist makes demands, says 'You can listen to us or you can get ran over'

August 22, 2020 / 2.5K views

Black Lives Matter activists are making demands and saying that people need to listen to them or "get ran over" whatever that's supposed to mean. They say these are not things they are asking for, but instead, demanding. It's funny because why doesn't BLM do something useful that people would actually support? Why don't they demand lower interest rates from banks and credit cards and school loans? How about going into their city to fix the deteriorating school buildings that district administrators won't fix because they're corrupt people who squander the money and waste it on scammy charter schools? Why doesn't BLM start programs that give young families help with education and family life so the kids don't grow up in a home with no father and a mother who doesn't value education? There's so many GOOD things BLM could do, but choose not to. But go ahead and paint some murals in the street, that will change everything, right?

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