BLM Activists storm Dallas restaurant while people are eating, things escalate quickly

July 15, 2020 / 14.9K views

Black Lives Matter activists are on video storming a Dallas restaurant and disrupting the scene while people are eating. It escalates into chaos very quickly. It appears that people are eating outside and the protesters/activists are stomping around and get a bit rowdy, then it turns for the worse.

Damani Felder stated that "Tonight, at a restaurant in Downtown Dallas, BLM protesters (most of whom were white) came and disrupted an otherwise peaceful evening and escalated it to violence. I've seen it now with my own eyes. These people are animals. BLM is cancer."

He also posted on Instagram the following statement, "Reporting Live From a Spontaneous BLM Protest in Downtown Dallas. I was enjoying dinner with friends when this protest broke out. Watch it all. They ruined a perfect evening. My apologies for any profanity I let slip."

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Source: instagram

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