Body camera video shows fatal shooting of Antifa member who pulled gun on police at middle school

His name is Charles Landeros and he was reportedly picking up his daughter from a middle school. However, he lost custody of her and he was supposedly no longer allowed to pick her up. The school notified police and they came to ask him to leave. A struggle ensued, Landeros brandished a weapon and fired, and he was then shot in the head. Reports suggest his daughter was nearby as it happened. He was wearing a "smash the patriarchy" shirt at the time. This was the Eugene police and it happened on Jan. 11, 2019 outside Cascade Middle School. The whole thing is messed up because no dad should ever bring a gun to his kid's school. What was this guy thinking? It's a shame because once he showed the gun and fired it, the officer has almost no choice but to defend himself and anyone in the vicinity. No charges were filed. Don't bring guns to school, that's the rule. If you're picking up your kid, then leave the gun at home or in the car. This should have been avoided if we just had common sense.
Imagine going to the store with this!
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