BOJAZI: Joe Biden's Virtual Town Hall Was A Total Disaster

March 13, 2020 / 4.7K views

Democrat candidate Joe Biden's first virtual town hall was a complete disaster ruined by technical difficulties, and that doesn't even include the part where Joe started talking.

Biden had to cancel a rally in Chicago because of the coronavirus, so they decided to have a town hall on the Internet.

That should've been easy, but of course, the people in politics have no idea what they're doing when it comes to simple technology and they flubbed it on the first try.

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They wanted people to participate, but the people behind the scenes made it way too complicated and messed it all up because they were trying use Zoom, which allows people to have online conferences. But - they were using Facebook live and were going to broadcast the Zoom screen on Facebook live - completely pointless.

Here's why.

They could've streamed on Facebook live - just turn on the phone and start talking. Then, to allow people to participate, they could have had someone on the side reading questions from the comments and Joe Biden could have answered those questions live on video.

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Or, Joe Biden could have used Twitch or YouTube and did the same thing - read questions from the live chat or comments and answer them live.

You know, the most absolutely easiest way possible to do this.

But no.

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Joe Biden's campaign f-cked it all up, and none of this even includes Joe Biden when he started talking and the comment club yelled "HE'S GOT DEMENTIA!" However, dementia has not been diagnosed professionally, but many people believe Biden has it.

Let's just put it like this, if a guy running for president and his team can't figure out how to use Facebook live, then how are they going to run a country?

Source: cnn / Last Edited by: Frank

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