BOJAZI: Tom Steyer Dancing Poorly To Raunchy Rap Song Is Peak Democrat Circus Act

February 29, 2020 / 1K views

Presidential candidate on the Democrat team, Tom Steyer, was seen in video dancing to a rap song and this is absolutely peak Democrat circus act for the 2020 election. When Democrats go out and do normal people things with normal people, like dancing as white as possible, then making everyone cringe when they see the video - that just adds fuel to the fire of the Democrat circus.

Oh, but wait, there's more. Guess what song it is! It's "Back That Azz Up" by Juvenile! Now don't get me wrong. I literally love this song because it brings up memories of me at college parties and all the hot girls I used to attract before becoming an angry old political commentary blogger guy - but is that the song a presidential candidate should be dancing to?

Well, honestly, the Democrats are really bad this year and Tom Steyer has absolutely no chance to become president - so you know what? Who cares!

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The guy is out there having a good time and I could not care less.

He's not the top candidate, he's no threat to anyone, and he's just a white guy out there doing the white guy dance, something I know too well because I can't dance either.

Now if he was the top candidate, then I'd say he should probably be doing something that looks a little more presidential.

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I'm not going to crap on the guy for having fun.

No one should.

But I do think the Democrat candidates are all clowns running around the circus tent, and that you cannot deny.

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All we need now is for Amy Klobuchar to dance to "My Neck, My Back" and prove she is not a boring person.

Bloomberg has been called out too.

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