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Brian Stelter complains about Trump, claims he's wasting time and dangerous

April 6, 2020 / 751 views

CNN's Brian Stelter was again crying about President Trump, saying he was dangerous and wasting time. Stelter claims Trump might be suggesting that people try a certain drug for treatment. However, Trump was just saying during a briefing that it's being tested and they ordered it in mass quantities. They ordered it in case it works, and if it works, they will have it ready to go.

It's unclear if Brian Stelter knows what Trump actually said, or if he's just going for a "gotcha" moment as so many people like him try to do.

Stelter is one of the worst people on CNN. He has less talent than an 8th grader and it's very ironic that his show is called "Reliable Sources" when he's the complete opposite.


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