Brian Stelter mocked for 'Bootlicking' interview with Jen Psaki

June 6, 2021 / 943 views

CNN's Brian Stelter gets majorly mocked for his "bootlicking" interview with White House press secretary Jen Psaki as he tossed softball questions her way.

This is what typically happens to Brian Stelter, as he's one of the most mocked people from CNN.

Not a day goes by where someone on social media is hounding Brian Stelter and his "Reliable Sources" show which is hilariously titled considering the propaganda he spews.

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Nicholas Fondacaro slammed Stelter, saying the following in a series of tweets:

Bootlicking: On Today's so-called "Reliable Sources," CNN's Brian Stelter begins his interview with WH Press Sec. Jen Psaki by asking her "what does the press get wrong?" He then follows up by asking her about her feelings, noting that she seems frustrated sometimes.

Claiming he didn't think this, Stelter then pressed Psaki to not call on Fox News at press briefings. Citing how "a lot of liberals don't think Fox should be called on," he wanted to know, "So why do you call on Fox News and Newsmax?" Those "lots of liberals" include CNN, fyi.

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And later on in the gushing interview, Stelter asked Psaki about how her time as a CNN commentator helped her do her job as press secretary. Meanwhile, Stelter used to shriek about how people from Fox News would go to work in the Trump administration and vice versa.

Source: twitter

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