Brian Stelter proves CNN is biased against Trump in 7 seconds

CNN's very own Brian Stelter takes only 7 seconds to prove CNN is completely biased against President Donald Trump. It was just a few days ago that CNN posted an article titled, "Trump peddles unsubstantiated hope in dark times" and it basically throws Trump under the bus.

Now fast forward a day or so and Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying to give people hope as well, and they're praising it.

You just can't have it both ways, folks.


Trump was giving people hope that one of the treatments might work on the coronavirus. Cuomo was giving us a worst case scenario and wanting us to be hopeful.

So what's it going to be?

If Trump and Cuomo are trying to send  half decent message to the masses, then why criticize one over the other? What's the point in that other than trying to appease to the Trump-haters out there?


You want to know what one of the biggest differences is? Trump fans gave Cuomo credit where it was due, and vice versa about Cuomo.

Trump would do the same thing.

Then we see CNN people like Brian Stelter and MSNBC's Rachel Maddow and they just won't let the partisan hack nonsense go for a minute.

Vote now to REMOVE Pelosi from GOVT!

Even Tucker Carlson is out there criticizing GOP Reps for selling stocks after the coronavirus info they had. That's how it's supposed to be done.

But you know, when it comes to liberal media, there's a lot of people in that realm of television and radio who, no matter what, must say that orange man is bad.

Can't we all just chill out for a few weeks, fix this virus, then go back to being hacks?

Is a $1,200 relief check a waste of time?

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