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Brian Stelter whining about Trump is exactly what's wrong with the media

March 20, 2020 / 3.3K views

Here we go with another round of CNN's Brian Stelter whining about President Trump again. This time Brian is crying that Trump is being mean to the media. Stelter seems mad that Trump is calling out the media for being dishonest and focusing on nonsense, proving that media figures like Brian Stelter are exactly the problem with the media.

Stelter was saying, "It was incredibly disappointing to see [Trump's] conduct in this briefing today... he took three steps forward back today by assailing the media at a time when the media is empowering the public with information to stay safe."

Stelter says Trump needs to focus on other things to get good press. That's funny, because Ilhan Omar just praised Trump's leadership, proving that Brian Stelter is not paying any attention to what's actually going on. If Ilhan Omar is praising Trump leadership, that is just unheard of. She has been a Trump critic since before she was in Congress and to see her put political parties aside to offer some nice words is something Brian Stelter can learn from, but he clearly chooses not to because he's just a media hack who people laugh at.

This guy is in a thumb-shaped bubble and clearly his mirror isn't working, otherwise he would see how ridiculous this looks.

What's really funny is this - Brian Stelter, in the video above, is trying to say that Trump should focus on important things. Shouldn't Brian Stelter focus on important things?

I know Trump is because we hear him on a daily basis and he's constantly calling out the media for asking ridiculous questions that are of absolutely no relevance to anything helpful.


Brian Stelter and media figures and reporters just like him ARE the problem.

Brian Stelter should take his own advice.

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