Brutal Body Cam - cop shoots guy with headphones

Police officer walks up to suspect, gives him an order. The guy had headphones on, so not sure if he heard the order, but then the guy did something really stupid. He reached INTO his shirt and pulled it up. That's when the cop shot him. It looks like the guy could've been reaching for a gun and that's why he got shot. When a cop tells you to do something, then do it. If you see a cop pointing a gun at you, then DON'T MOVE. And do not put your hands UNDER your shirt and near your pants line where people carry guns. We don't know why the cops were called to the scene. If anyone knows more about this video, then please post a link to the news source in the comments. Our verdict? Tough to call. I say he got shot because it looks like he's reaching for what could be a gun and cops only have a split second to make a decision. After the shooting the cops find out the man was unarmed, but judging by the video, it sure looks like he could have had a gun and made that sudden movement into his waistline. That was the NONO.