Caitlyn Jenner's First Campaign video released in run for California governor

May 5, 2021 / 810 views

This is really happening folks. Caitlyn Jenner is running for California governor and now there's a campaign video.

I guess anything is better than tyrant dictator hypocrite Gavin Newsom, right?

Either way, this is sure to baffle Democrat minds as they're not sure if they should dislike Jenner because of the Republican stance, or like Jenner because of the transition.

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Meh, they'll probably hate on Jenner because of politics. It's like if you're a Republican, the Democrats don't seem to like you no matter what. They just can't fathom liking anyone but another Democrat.

Are Democrats aware that it's OK to be tolerant of others? They sure preach about it a lot, but then they go on social media and hate everything a GOP member does no matter who they are.

For real though, when I hear Caitlyn Jenner talk in this video, I just can't stop laughing. Politics has become a circus in America. What are we even doing anymore?

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