Canadians are protesting Chick-fil-A, no seriously, they really are

I don't care if the people running Chick-fil-A sacrifice lambs after every shift, there is no way I would ever protest them They have the best customer service, the best chicken tenders, and the best chicken sandwich. They could circumcise circus fleas and put them in our food for all I care. There is no way I would ever protest a Chick-fil-A. Meanwhile, at Burger King, they sell you a taco for $1 that looks like someone had diarrhea on it. The people at McDonald's get your order wrong, and the people at Arby's probably lick the meat before putting it on your dry sandwich and they don't even offer pickles at the self serve station anymore.

But these Canadians want to protest the chicken people?

Get outta here.

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