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Candace Owens mobbed by rabid liberals in Philly

Candace Owens mobbed by rabid liberals in Philly

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  • Outspoken black female confronted by a rabid liberal mob while she was enjoying a peaceful meal in Philadelphia. The people came up on her screaming and acting like turds. Candace speaks out against the liberals and now she's facing backlash for it by a tribe of goons. She can handle it though because she's not a soy drinking buffoon like all the people yelling at her. Why are white people yelling "fuck white supremacy" to a black girl? Does that make any sense at all? WTF are these dingbats doing? Charlie Kirk was there too, but come one now, he's no Candace!!

    Posted on August 6, 2018 in Political Warzone and filed under Candace Owens, Philadelphia.
    Source: twitter

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