Candace Owens slams Ted Lieu for only playing 30 seconds of a clip to 'drum up narratives'

April 9, 2019 / 3.4K views Candace Owens went after Ted Lieu during a Congressional hearing. Ted played 30 seconds of her quote when she discussed Hitler and nationalism. She calls out Ted Lieu for extracting only parts of her commentary in order to push a narrative that paints her in a dark light. Her comments were taken wildly out of context and easy to misunderstand if only 30 seconds is played. The whole clip could have explained what she was actually talking about. She does not support Hitler in any way, but her point was that if Hitler wanted to organize and do good things, that's fine - everyone knows he did not. So the debate is this - should he be called a nationalist in any form? Would a nationalist kill their own people? That's the point she was trying to make.

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