Car allegedly drives through crowd of Trump supporters

November 22, 2020 / 699 views

A video is circulating that suggests a driver plowed through a crowd of Trump supporters as they were making a right turn at an intersection. The video is from a drone, so it's hard to see exactly what happened and there is no audio, so we can't hear anything either.

Vicki M posted the video on YouTube with the following description: "You will have to pinch to zoom on your phone. A man in the red car stopped at the stoplight for the east bound turn onto Mayfair Rd. I was standing 5 feet from him on the corner of the turn. He refused to move and was verbally mixing it up with the protesters. He blocked the east bound turn traffic for about 7-10 minutes. That is when 3 or 4 MAGA protesters started to push on his car. Almost immediately he accelerated quickly and wildly into the turn—and creamed one of the MAGA protesters on Mayfair Rd . Drone footage courtesy of Chris Hammerback. Footage has been turned over to Wauwatosa PD."

Source: youtube

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