Carlson: smug liberals are 'Horrified' that Mayoral Candidate may carry gun in crime-ridden city

May 8, 2021 / 1.1K views

Tucker Carlson targets smug liberals are acting horrified that a mayoral candidate wants to carry a gun in a crime-ridden NYC.

The candidate is Eric Adams and Tucker Carlson goes through his announcement for mayor while targeting the liberals who reacted in horror.

Eric Adams sounds like he wants to make New York safe again. Here's a bit of context from Tucker Carlson's post on Fox News, which is basically a transcript of the show.

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So what exactly was Eric Adams talking about? What are the important things that smug, fussy liberals don’t want to talk about? Crime and disorder, mostly. And those matter. Once you’re afraid of getting shot to death while walking to the store — once you can’t use the park across the street because vagrants are living in it — nothing else really matters. No matter what color you are, crime and disorder define your life. Whatever else he is, Eric Adams is bright enough to understand that. He spent 20 years as a cop in New York. Here’s what he said in his announcement for mayor: 

ERIC ADAMS: We’re facing a crisis like we’ve never seen before.  Businesses are closing. Crime is rising. Homelessness is soaring and our families are struggling…We can’t have an education system that fails to put our children on the pathway to success and leaves them at a dead-end of crime and hopelessness. 

So, "Businesses are closing. Crime is rising. Homelessness is soaring." Adams said it out loud. By itself, that’s a victory in the context of New York politics — a victory of reality over delusion. For years, there’s been a rigid code among those smug, fussy liberals in New York City that you’re not allowed to notice as things fall apart. To the extent you do notice, you’re supposed to think it’s charming, or diverse, or somehow related to equity. "More drug OD’s in Penn Station. How vibrant!"  

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Eric Adams doesn’t think that way at all. He thinks all of that is awful. Here’s his solution: don’t put up with this crap. Bring back order. Crack down. Make New York a safe city again. Everything depends on it.  And he’s right. 

ERIC ADAMS: It doesn’t make any consolation if a police officer shoots someone illegally or if it’s a gangbanger in blue jeans.  No matter what community I’m in, people want their families to be safe and that resonates with every day New Yorkers and I know my message will resonate with them…If we’re not safe in the city, companies will not come to New York. Our multi-billion dollar tourism industry will not return if tourists are shot at Grand Central Station. And so the first order of business is to get the violence under control.

The first order of business is to get the violence under control. You’d think that’d be the top priority of every New York City politician. Why have a mayor otherwise?

But it’s not their top priority. Not even close. The current mayor spends half his life opining on global warming, even as he pollutes the atmosphere with his weed smoke. Eric Adams is actually serious about fighting crime. How serious? He said if he becomes mayor he plans to carry his own gun. Can you imagine Bill De Blasio doing that? He’d shoot himself by accident.

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