CEO fired after telling teen boy in prom dress he looks 'like an idiot'

April 28, 2021 / 3.1K views

Well, here's an interesting story. A man allegedly told a teen boy in a prom dress he looked like an "idiot" and then the video of it ended up on social media.

After that, the guy's job fired him. The man claims the video was edited and left some of the context out. He also says he denied it being about the dress, but approached the table they were sitting at because they were being loud and obnoxious at a restaurant. Seems like both sides have two different stories.

Now here we are watching the video and commenting on it.

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If you want the context that we have so far, then here's what NBC News reported...

A Tennessee executive was fired after he was seen on video appearing to harass a teenage boy who wore a dress to his prom Saturday night, saying the teenager looked like an "idiot."

The student, Dalton Stevens, 18, said Monday that he decided to wear a dress to his senior prom in Franklin, about 20 miles south of Nashville, to show that "clothing is really genderless" and "it has no meaning."

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He said he was shocked when an adult began acting "homophobic" as he and his boyfriend, Jacob Geitmann, began taking photos with friends at a hotel before the Franklin High School prom.

Stevens said a man approached the couple and asked whether Stevens knew what he was wearing. The man, who has been identified as VisuWell CEO Sam Johnson, is alleged to have asked why Stevens chose to wear a dress.

"I think I look good in it and that I really like the dress, and I want to show that clothing is genderless," Stevens said he responded. "And I explained that to him, and he continued to just call me names and just follow me."

Stevens alleged that Johnson called him "stupid," as well as vulgar names, in a homophobic manner and that Johnson told him that he has "hair on your chest, you shouldn't be wearing a dress."

Geitmann began recording at some point. Stevens can be heard telling Johnson that he chose what he wanted to wear and that Johnson can "f--- off." Geitmann can be heard in the video asking Johnson whether he thinks Stevens looks "disgusting," and Johnson responds that he does.

Stevens then begins to walk away from Johnson, who follows him and tells him he looks like an "idiot." Johnson then appears to swat his hand at Geitmann, presumably to knock his phone away, and inadvertently hits Stevens, according to the video and Stevens' account.

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