Charles Barkley slams politicians who make black and white people dislike each other

April 4, 2021 / 2K views

Charles Barkley is out there speaking his mind again and this time it's amazing. He absolutely destroyed the rich and rotten politicians out there who have people fighting among themselves so they can keep their power and money. Barkley says we're stupid to follow politicians, whether they're republicans or democrats, and he's got a point. Most of the politician we follow on social media are totally dirt-bags who don't do shit for us.

Politicians are a bunch of six-figure-salary jackwagons who talk a lot of trash and usually don't do anything after it. Politicians say whatever they have to say to get your vote and keep their nice salary. That's it. Other than that, they're pretty useless.

When everyone realizes we should be arguing with THEM, and not with each other, then that's when America will be united.


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