Charlie Kirk gets backlash from both sides for saying 'The Left has always hated Thanksgiving'

November 18, 2020 / 1.9K views

Charlie Kirk is reading from a computer screen and says "the left has always hated Thanksgiving" and it's actually not true and that's why he received a bunch of backlash from people on both sides of the political spectrum.

Right and left wingers alike commented on his statement, showing that he is not exactly being honest and he was even called a "gas lighter" for saying it. Others chimed in on his often unkempt hair, suggesting he looks like a struggling baseball player who just had a really bad game.

And to be honest, his statement was pretty stupid. Perhaps he's talking about the extreme left who always pop up on social media with anti-Thanksgiving messages, but other than that, Democrats across America celebrate Thanksgiving every single year. Just because a small portion of bizarre extremists dislike the holiday, that doesn't mean the entirety of a political party hates Thanksgiving. I have never seen a household NOT celebrate Thanksgiving.

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