Cindy McCain has choice words for GOP-led Arizona election audit

May 2, 2021 / 1.2K views

She must be scared of the truth if Cindy McCain is saying THIS about the Arizona election audit backed by the GOP.

The widow of late John McCain went on CNN's State of the Union with Jake Tapper to discuss the election audit and she referred to it as "ludicrous."

McCain said, "Listen, this whole thing is ludicrous, quite frankly. It's ludicrous. And this also comes from a state party in Arizona that refused to be audited themselves on votes that were cast within their own party communications. The election is over. [President] Biden won... I know many of them don't like the outcome, but, you know, elections have consequences. And so ... this does not surprise me, you know, that things are just aloof and crazy out there right now with regards to the election."

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What is Cindy McCain afraid of? An election audit will report back the correct results, one way or the other, and NO ONE should be worried about that unless they have something to fear or hide.

The audit might simply say Joe Biden won and the GOP is disappointed in the results, but if that's the outcome then at least they know for sure.

On the flip side, it could reveal that Trump won, and if that happens, then it opens a massive can of worms for every other state.

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The Hill reminds us that "in April that the Arizona state Senate had hired a security consulting company, Cyber Ninjas, to head a forensic audit of votes in Maricopa County. Biden won Maricopa County, ultimately flipping Arizona and winning its 11 electoral votes.

Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) has also criticized the audit as "such a farce" and called for it to end."A group of Republicans are continuing to try to appease their base who refuse to accept that ... Trump lost Arizona and that he's not the president anymore," Hobbs said while appearing on CNN last week."

So folks, what is there to be scared of with an election audit? Let the results be what they are and stop calling it a farce or ludicrous unless YOU have something to be afraid of.

Source: thehill

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