Clash between protesters ends in a shooting. security guard arrested

October 17, 2020 / 37.3K views

Here's the moments before a man was shot by a security guard. The dueling protesters are in a heated moment and one of them says "f-ck around and find out." As it would turn out, that man actually did "f-ck around and find out" because seconds later when he encountered a security guard who then shot him in the face after they had an incident. I won't report any of the details of the incident because I don't know exactly what happened and if I get any of the facts wrong, then I look like an idiot. So, if you want to get the story, I would just look it up on a legit news site, because we're not really a news site anyway. We just talk about the news.

But anyway, the security guard was arrested and his lawyer says he acted in self defense.

AP reported:

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An armed security guard for a television station who is suspected of fatally shooting a man following an altercation after opposing protests was acting in self-defense when he opened fire, a lawyer representing his family said Monday.

Matthew Dolloff, 30, was being held in jail for investigation of first-degree murder following Saturday afternoon’s shooting near Civic Center Park as protesters filed out of the park following the demonstrations — a “Patriot Muster” and a “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive” counterprotest.

Doug Richards, who said he is representing Dolloff’s family, said the man who was shot reached into his shirt which made Dolloff fear for his safety, leading him to shoot. He said images of the scene from The Denver Post, which first reported his comments, show that Dolloff put his body between the man and the reporter from KUSA-TV he was working to protect.

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Source: apnews

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